3 Count: Sonic Screw-Up

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1: Lawsuit Explores Who Owns Rights to a Stax Records Musical

First off today, Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire reports that Evergreen Media has filed a lawsuit against Concord Music Group over the latter’s plans to develop a Broadway musical about the music Label Stax Records, which is famous for launching the careers of artists such as Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes among others.

Evergreen is said to be working on its own production based on Stax Records, their production being both a movie and a musical. However, Evergreen claims that Concord has failed to secure adequate rights to the songs, having only signed a deal for the Stax Records recordings and not one for the compositions.

According to Evergreen, they have such an agreement over the compositions, which are with a different company. While this doesn’t license them to use the original sound recordings, it does enable them to re-record the songs, which they had planned to do. Meanwhile, they claim Concord lacks the full rights to do either, meaning that their planned film is an infringement and is scaring investors away from Evergreen’s effort.

2: Doctor Who “Into the Dalek” Workpring Fully Leaks Online

Next up today, Andy at Torrentfreak writes that a second episode of the upcoming “Doctor Who” series has leaked online, following the first one which leaked earlier this month.

The new season of Doctor Who is scheduled to start on August 23rd but workprints of the first two episodes have leaked online. The leak occurred when BBC Miami accidentally put the files for the episodes on a public web server, where they were discovered, dowloaded and placed on file sharing networks.

The leak is of a workprint copy. It is covered in watermarks, presented in black and white and is missing many of the special effects. The second episode had appeared on file sharing networks briefly after the first one leaked but the torrent stopped working, leading many to believe it was a fake. Now it has reappeared and proved to be a genuine leak.

3: Hi Score Girl Halts Serialization After SNK’s Copyright Charges

Finally today, Anime News Network is reporting that Square Enix has announced that it is temporarily halting the “Hi Score Girl” manga series after accusations of copyright infringement from SNK Playmore led to a raid of Square Enix offices in Japan.

The accusations center around over 100 alleged instances of characters from various SNK properties appearing in the series, in particular SNK fighting games. The manga featured characters from a variety of fighting games, including those owned by Capcom, Sega, Namco and others.

Square Enix was said to be working on an anime (animated) version of the manga (comic) and has not decided whether to move forward with or cancel those plans. The original manga was launched in 2010 and has just received its fifth compiled volume.


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