3 Count: India Inked

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1: Over 200 Sites Blocked in India After Sony’s Piracy Complaint: Report

First off today, Anupam Saxena at the Times of India reports that a Delhi high court order issued on June 23rd, 2014 has ordered ISPs within the country to block as many as 472 websites, including several Google Docs and Google’s URL shortener, Goo.gl.

The blocking order comes at the request of Sony, which sought the blockade as a means to protect their broadcast rights in the World Cup. However, an updated order has pared the list down to just 219 and omits Google properties, though many ISPs continue to block the services.

Google and Sony have declined to comment on the blocking though many are reporting that it is performed on the DNS level, meaning it can be easily circumvented.

2: Microsoft Compliance Police to NHS: We Want your Money

Next up today, Paul Kunet at The Channel Register reports that software giant Microsoft has informed the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK that it needs to perform audits of their software to bring their organization into compliance.

Last year the NHS began an organizations shift that Microsoft says makes the audit necessary. Microsoft said that it’s compared the usage of the NHS against its purchasing records and says there are specific areas at high risk of non-compliance including SQL, Office, Project, Visio and Windows products.

Microsoft offered discounts to the NHS if it could bring itself to compliance but today. Failing that, Microsoft said that the NHS may be required to pay full retail price for non-compliant copies of their software.

3: Kim Dotcom Extradition Hearing Delayed Until 2015

Finally today, Andy at Torrentfreak writes that, in New Zealand, Kim Dotcom’s extradition hearing has been delayed again, this time to February 16, 2015.

Dotcom was arrested in January 2012 and his site, Megaupload, was shuttered over allegations of rampant copyright infringement and money laundering. He has since been fighting extradition to the United states and the case has dragged on for over two years due to issues over warrants, evidence seizures and more.

This marks at least the third time the date of the hearing has been pushed back. It was originally scheduled for March 2013, then for April 2014. However, even the 2015 date may be in jeopardy as Dotcom claims that he has not been handed all of the required evidence.


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