3 Count: Mississippi Blues

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1: Google Slammed by Mississippi Attorney General for “Inaction” on Piracy

First off today, Ted Johnson at Variety reports that Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is lashing out at Google, saying that the search giant needs to do more to stop online piracy and other illegal activity online.

Hood put his thoughts in an 11-page letter sent to Google’s general counsel, Kent Walker. In the letter he also expressed disappointment that Google did not send a representative to the National Association of Attorneys General, which Hood is the chairman of the intellectual property committee.

Hood continues by saying that Google has been “unwilling to take basic actions to make the Internet safe from unlawful and predatory conduct,” but also cites other instances where Google has been willing to filter criminal content, such as child pornography. In addition to piracy Hood also mentioned counterfeit pharmaceuticals and sex trafficking as other areas where he feels Google’s action has been inadequate.

2: European Commission Launches Wide-Ranging Review of EU Copyright

Next up today, Taylor Wessing at The Lawyer reports that The European Commission has launched a public consultation period as part of its impending review of the EU copyright system.

The review is described as “wide-ranging”, meaning that many elements of the law could be up for debate but the request for consultation, which is open until February 5, 2014, does not seek advice on the establishment of a single EU copyright title. Instead, it describes that as a “long term” project.

Currently in the EU there are many bloc-wide copyright laws but the nations within the group all implement them differently. There has been a great deal of talk about establishing one single title for the entirety of the EU and this appears to be an indication that, while some time off, is a possibility for the future.

3: The Pirate Bay Moves to .AC After Domain Name Seizure

Finally today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that The Pirate Bay has moved to a new domain after its .SX domain was revoked by the domain registry of Sint Maarten.

The move forced the site to quickly relocate to a .AC domain, which is a domain for the Ascension Islands, a domain extension under UK control. The Pirate Bay, however, has said that the move is temporary and they will seek a more permanent home soon, likely on the Peruvian .PE domain.

If it moves to the .PE domain before the end of the year, that will represent the fifth domain for the site this year alone.


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