6th International Plagiarism Conference Call for Papers

International Plagiarism Conference LogoIt’s almost that time again. In about 200 days, the best and brightest on the subject of plagiarism will be convening in Newcastle, UK to attend the 6th International Integrity and Plagiarism Conference.

Personally, I am hoping to attend though it’s still early for me to make any serious promises. However, I am definitely planning to submit at least one paper and/or workshop session to the event and I would like to invite others in the field to do the same.

The call for papers for the conference is now open and all one has to do immediately is write a 500 word abstract by January 31, 2014 if submitting a paper and by February 28, 2014 if submitting a workshop session or a poster case study.

As with other conferences, the event has a series of themes that submissions are invited to be upon, including:

  • Approaches to promoting awareness of academic integrity in diverse student cultures
  • Addressing falsification, fabrication and plagiarism in published scholarly work and research
  • Practical techniques for developing students’ academic integrity skills
  • Strategies for embedding and linking institutional academic integrity policy and practice
  • Techniques and tools for online evaluation of student work to promote authentic assessment
  • Open theme: suggestions include advances in text matching technologies, longitudinal perspectives on plagiarism, plagiarism-proof assessment tasks

All in all, it is shaping up to be a great conference.

If you’re interested in submitting something for the conference, how might be a great time to get started and, if you’re going, I hope that I’m able to see you there come June of 2014!

Best of luck to everyone!