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1: China: Landmark Reform Plans Call for Anti-Piracy Court

First off today, Clifford Coonan at The Hollywood Reporter writes that China has announced plans to establish a new court to address intellectual property issues, in particular piracy.

The new court comes out of a reform plan that is seen as the largest program change in more than 30 years and includes other provisions, such as the easing of the controversial one child policy and abolition of reeducation camps.

The new court and stronger copyright enforcement is part of a broader push to encourage investment in movies and content within the country. The document contains few details but comes after a four-day meeting of the nation’s top leaders.

2: Russia to Form New Copyright Watchdog Amid Anti-Piracy Push

Next up today, Vladimir Kozlov, also at the Hollywood Reporter, writes that the Russian government is planning a new copyright crackdown of its own.

There, the the Economic Development Ministry has submitted a project to create a new agency centered around copyright control. It is reported that Nikita Mikhalkov, the head of one of the nations largest collection societies, RSP, will be the one to select the new agency’s head. The new organization is said to control the operation of RSP and another collection society, RAO, which have been criticized for a lack of transparency.

The move comes admit other Russian legislation that’s aimed to crackdown on piracy. The new rules already include a provision requiring sites to remove allegedly infringing material upon notification or possibly be blocked.

3: FXX Lands ‘The Simpsons’ In Biggest Off-Network Deal In TV History

Finally today, Nellie Andreeva at Deadline Hollywood reports that Fox has signed a deal with FXX to bring The Simpsons to cable television.

The deal gives FXX the exclusive cable rights to the series and full digital rights as well. It’s estimated to be worth at least $750 million and is the largest off-network TV deal in history.

The deal gives FXX access to rerun the first 24 seasons of the show and it will have access to the 25th season once the 26th begins airing (and the 25th is no longer on circulation on Fox). This gives FXX access to some 530 episodes when they begin to air on the next work in August 2014.


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