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1: Day One: Garry’s Incident Devs Accused of Censoring Bad Review

First off today, Brett Slabaugh at The Escapist reports that Wild Games Studio, the team behind the game “Day One: Garry’s Incident”, have been accused of using copyright to shut down an unflattering review of the game.

The review, posted by prominent YouTuber TotalBiscuit, was very critical of the game and was removed due to a copyright claim by Wild Games Studio. According to the studio, this was because TotalBiscuit was monetizing the video, something they claimed he had no right to do.

However, TotalBiscuit responded with a new YouTube video that showcased an email exchange between himself and the studio where TotalBiscuit explained what he wanted to do and the studio provided a free key to the game for the purpose of creating the review. He also points to other alleged unethical activities by the developer, including issues with the game’s Kickstarter and other online reviews.

2: 1st Copyright Case Against Foreign Web Company

Next up today, NHK World reports that 7 Japanese firms have filed lawsuit against the file hosting service FC2 in Tokyo, even though the company and its servers are all located within the United States.

The case is the first one under a revision in Japanese law last year that allows companies to file such lawsuits. However, lawyers for FC2 are still arguing that the lawsuit is improper due to the jurisdiction issues.

The lawsuit seeks some 65 million yen ($670,000) in damages for 35 videos posted to the site.

3: West High Logo Faces Copyright Challenge

Finally today, Glenn More at the Tracy Press reports that West High School in California found itself in a copyright dispute University of Nevada Reno (UNR) over their logo.

The issue stemmed from a 2002 redesign of the logo, which featured a drawn wolf’s head with lightning bolts. The logo is identical to the one used by UNR, save for a slight change in color. Though it’s unknown how the logo was chosen, the school was notified of the infringement in 2011 but only more recently agreed to start removing it.

The logo has already been removed from the school’s letterhead and the sign at the stadium will be repainted shortly with a new logo that will be unveiled this week. UNR, however, is giving the school significantly more time to replace the astroturf at the stadium and allowing it to sell off all existing merchandise.


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