3 Count: Slinging Around

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1: Fox Loses Bid to Stop Hopper’s Place-Shifting Technology

First off today, Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire reports that yesterday a California judge ruled against Fox in its legal battle with Dish Network over it’s “Dish Anywhere” DVR system, which Dish introduced in January.

Fox, and other broadcasters, were already involved in litigation against Dish over its “Hopper” DVR, which let users automatically skip commercials in recorded programs. However, in January, Dish introduced its new version of the product that added Sling capabilities to it, which let users stream recorded programs to other devices.

The new device prompted a new motion for an injunction however, the courts again sided with Dish Network, as it has done three times prior, in denying that motion. The details of the ruling have not been released yet but Fox is saying that it is weighing its options for the case moving forward.

2: Eminem Copyright Infringement Case has Court Date

Next up today, Lisa Ray at WDIV in Detroit reports that the Eminemn’s lawsuit against Facebook had its final pre-trial hearing yesterday as it moves toward a possible trial.

The lawsuit began after, according to the rapper, Facebook used his song “Under the Influence”, or at least an extremely similar song, both in a press event and in a commercial for its “Facebook Home” product. The two sides have not been able to reach an agreement on a settlement.

Eminem is suing through his publisher, Eight Mile Style, and is suing both Facebook and its advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and attorney’s fees.

3: Cosplayer Cops Legal Threat From…Carpet Company

Finally today, Luke Plunkett at Kotaku reports that cosplayer and prop builder Harrison Krix has received a cease and desist letter from an unlikely source, carpet designers Couristan Inc.

The legal threat stems from a costume that Krix designed for DragonCon in Atlanta. There, he made a “camouflage” costume designed to blend in with the pattern of the carpet of the hotel hosting the convention. He in turn began selling some of the fabric he made on a textile site named Spoonflower, which prompted the carpet’s designer to send a cease and desist letter.

Krix has since pulled the design from his store, but posted about the matter on his Facebook.


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