Copyright 2.0 Show Episode 300 LIVE this Wednesday

Candles ImageAs many of you have probably noticed, we are rapidly approaching Episode 300 of the Copyright 2.0 Show. In fact, the recording for the episode is scheduled for 5 PM ET (2 PM PT) on Wednesday, September 18.

This will, of course, be a very special episode of the Copyright 2.0 Show. As we did with Episode 200, we’ll be eschewing the usual format of talking about seven stories and, instead, be bringing in a bunch of awesome and talented people to chat with us about copyright news, what they are up to and their thoughts on the state of copyright today.

Obviously, Patrick O’Keefe and I will be there but we will also be joined by the following:

  • Chris Matthieu: The creator of countless products, including Numly, and the original host of the Copyright 2.0 Show will return.
  • Terry Hart: The blogger behind Copyhype and also the Director of Legal Policy at the Copyright Alliance.
  • David Newhoff: Artist, author and the blogger behind Illusion of More, an excellent blog.
  • Ellen Seidler: Filmmaker and the force behind both Pop Up Pirates and Vox Indie.

Obviously, plans change and there may be some last-minute shuffling but over the course of the planned two-hour podcast, you can expect to hear from all of these people at different times in addition to Patrick and myself.

If you want to join us, I’ll be setting up the room a bit before 5 PM ET on Wednesday on the podcast page. There, you can watch the show and join us in the chat as Patrick, myself and some of the guests will be hanging out as well.

So bring your copyright questions and help us celebrate 300 episodes of the Copyright 2.0 Show!

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