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1: Apple Launches iTunes Radio Streaming Music Service

First off today Pete Pachal at Mashable reports that Apple, as part of its keynote presentation at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) announced the launch of its new music streaming service iTunes Radio.

The launch had been widely anticipated as it has been known for some time that Apple was in negotiations with the record labels to launch such a service. It will be available on iOS devices rnning iOS 7 as well as in Mac and Windows versions of iTunes.

The service functions much like Pandora, with users creating stations based upon artists or genre but users are unable to select specific tracks for listening, unlike Spotify. The service also enables easy purchasing of tracks that are being streamed and is ad-supported though users who already subscribed to iTunes Match, Apple’s $25 per year music syncing service, will receive the service ad-free.

2: RiksTV Wins Copyright Ruling

next up today, Julian Clover at Broadband TV News reports that an Oslo court has ruled the Norwegian Digital TV platform RiksTV is an originator of broadcasts and not a relay, meaning that it doesn’t need to pay the rights organization Norwaco a licensing fee.

RiksTV doesn’t stream TV content over the Internet, like Aereo in the U.S., but rather, uses a network of digital antenna throughout the country to broadcast TV to subscriber’s homes, akin to a wireless cable TV provider.

The court ruled that RiksTV already paid the TV channels directly and should not have to pay Norwaco for the same usage. As a result, Norwaco must pay RiksTV’s costs, NOK 2.68 million ($465,000) and RiksTV avoids paying back licensing fees going back to 2007.

3: Games of Thrones Season Finale Sets New Piracy Record

Finally today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that the season finale for Game of Thrones set yet another BitTorrent piracy record with more than 170,000 people sharing the episode at the same time and over 1 million downloads in just one day.

This breaks the previous record which was actually set by the season premiere, which had just over 160,000 simultaneous downloads.

According to Torrentfreak, Australia was the country where the lion’s share of the pirating took place, likely due in part to limited availability of the show there. The United States was the second most common source followed by Canada and the United Kingdom.


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