New Column in The Scientist

The Scientist LogoToday, I’m proud to announce, after what has been a very exciting wait, that an opinion piece I penned has been published in the magazine The Scientist and is now available online here.

The piece is entitled “Defending Against Plagiarism” and takes a look at how organizations from as large as the National Science Foundation to as small as upstart academic publishers are facing plagiarism scandals that could have been easily avoided if they had incorporated existing and readily-available detection technology in their workflow.

In short, in 2013 there’s almost no reason an editor should learn about clear plagiarism from someone they’ve published.

The article was written for iThenticate, a company I do consulting for and also write a regularl column for on their site, and they opted to submit it to The Scientist for inclusion there.

Many thanks go to them for their help not just for the submission, but for the feedback and help.

Over the nearly 8 years I’ve run Plagiarism Today, I’ve had a lot of good experiences with the press and press coverage. However, this is a particularly special moment for me not only because it’s my column, but because it’s a very well-known magazine in the scientific and academic community, one I’m proud to be a part of.

So again thanks to The Scientist for the inclusion and for everyone who helped make it happen. It’s an incredible honor.

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