3 Count: Spotty Security

3 Count: Spotty Security Image

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1: Spotify’s Nightmare Realized: Chrome Extension Allows MP3 Download of Any Song

First off today, a Chris Welch at The Verge reports that a new Google Chrome extension caused a stir by letting Spotify users download and permanently save any song that they streamed through the service.

The extension, named “Downloadify” was quickly removed from the Chrome Web Store but was still available on GitHub. However, Spotify also reacted patched its Web player to remove the exploit and prevent the extension from working.

Spotify’s Web player is a relatively new addition to its service, which historically has relied on downloadable apps, both on desktop and mobile devices. The extension simply located the files that Spotify downloaded to the user’s computer and preserved them rather than deleting them as designed.

2: BitTorrent Steps Up Monetization Efforts By Taking Its (Potentially Paywalled) Content Bundles Into Alpha

Next up today, Anthony Ha at TechCrunch writes that BitTorrent, the company that developed the protocol by the same name, is releasing its content packaging format, BitTorrent Bundle, into alpha.

Though BitTorrent has worked with artists in the past to help distribute promotional material, the most recent use of the Bundle is the first time that some of the content has been “gated” or not made publicly accessible. In this case, all that was required was an email address to unlock it but the use of the technology sets the stage for possibly using paywalls in the future.

Though the BitTorrent protocol is widely used for illegal file sharing, BitTorrent the company has been seeking ways to let artists monetize the protocol, including BitTorrent Bundle.

3: Two New Judges Named to Copyright Royalty Board

Finally today, Bloomberg BNA reports that two new judges have been named to the Copyright Royalty Board by James H. Billington, the Librarian of Congress.

According to a statement, Billington has appointed David R. Strickler and Jess Feder to the board. Strickler will be taking a seat designed to be filled by an expert on economics and Feder’s seat is for an expert on copyright law. Strickler’s term will end in 2016 and Feder’s in 2014.

The Copyright Royalty Board administers and rules on statutory licenses in copyright law, such as licenses for radio play. The appointments are effective as of May 6.


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