3 Count: Icelandic Election

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1: Pirate Party Wins 3 Seats in Icelandic Parliament for its Best Result Worldwide

First off today, Cyrus Farivar at Ars Technica reports that the Iceland chapter of The Pirate Party has scored a potentially significant win in that country’s Parliament elections, earning 5.1 percent of the vote and 3 seats in the 63-member body.

The Pirate Party is an international organization that has run on a platform of copyright reform as well as government transparency and open Internet legislation. The election makes the Icelandic branch the most successful as Pirate Parties in other countries.

For example, there are two European Parliament members and the Czech Republic has one in its Parliament. One of the new Icelandic Pirate Party legislators, Birgitta Jónsdóttir, was a former member of Parliament and a Wikileaks volunteer.

2: Tyler Perry ‘Temptation’ Lawsuit: Screenwriter Claims Filmmaker Ripped Idea

Next up today, Tim Kenneally at TheWrap writes that author William James has filed a lawsuit against filmmaker Tyler Perry claiming that Perry’s movie “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor” was lifted from his 2009 script “Lovers Kill.”

According to James, he passed a copy of the script to Perry’s business partner Oprah Winfrey and that Perry’s movie features several similarities to his, including the story of a marriage that is ruined after the wife has an affair.

Legal experts are skeptical of the lawsuit’s chance of success and Perry has not commented on the lawsuit.

3: Game Dev Tycoon Forces Those Who Pirate the Game to Unwittingly Fail From Piracy

Finally Tom Phillips at Eurogamer writes that Greenheart Games, a two-man indie developer that created the simulator game “Game Dev Tycoon” has found an interesting way to mess with those who chose to pirate the game.

According to makers, over 93% of the copies of the game have been pirated but those copies have a special feature, one that causes their games to see more piracy than those who purchased a copy legitimately. As a result, those who pirate the game are in for a much more challenging time and, as a result, are seeing their imaginary businesses go bankrupt due to piracy.

This led to at least one of the game pirates posting to a forum asking if there was a way to “Research a DRM or something” to reduce piracy. Another said that the high rate of piracy was “unfair”. The pirated copy of the game was leaked by the developers themselves.


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