Jonathan Bailey on This Week in Law (Again)

Twit LogoNovember was a bit a crazy month for me. Not only did I attend and speak at Indieconf but I found myself battling a series of illnesses all the while trying to dear down the haunted house.

But what better way to end a crazy month than to re-join my friends on This Week in Law as a guest host and talk about copyright, privacy, trademark and all of the other ways that the law impacts the Web.

The hosts of TWiL are Denise Howell and Evan Brown. The other guest host was Chris Sprigman, the author of the book “The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation”.

Show notes for the podcast can be found on the show’s wiki and the talking points (links) can be found on the show’s Delicious page.

All in all, it was a great time many interesting talking points. The only issue was that my webcam decided to revert back to circa 1996 on me but, other than that, it was a great conversation that covered everything from Megaupload to how mannequins with spy cameras dip further into the uncanny valley.

If you like the Copyright 2.0 Show, this is a podcast you don’t want to miss.

On a related note, Patrick and I will be recording the Copyright 2.0 Show live today at 5 PM ET so feel free to drop by on the podcast page and join us in the chat.

Thank you Denise and Evan for having me and looking forward to returning as soon as the restraining order is lifted…


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