3 Count: Tattoo Fight

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1: Porn Copyright Troll Sues Verizon, Angry it Won’t Cough Up User Names

First off today, Joe Mullin at Ars Technica reports that Patrick Collins Inc, Third Degree Films and Malibu Media, three adult entertainment companies, have sued Verizon claiming that the ISP has not been quick enough in turning over user information. The companies have all been involved in mass Bittorrent litigation lawsuits, in which they sue hundreds or thousands of “John Doe” defendants only identified by IP address and then seek a subpoena from a court, where they hope to compel their ISPs to learn their identity. The goal then, normally, is to send settlement demand letters to the alleged infringers in hopes a number will pay up. The practice has been controversial and many ISPs, including Verizon, have been battling against it, fighting subpoenas and working to turn over as little information as possible. Other ISPs, including AT&T and Comcast, have also been sued by similar plaintiffs. The plaintiffs in this case are seeking to compel Verizon to disclose the names and terminate any arguments that Verizon has been making against the process.

2: Google Goes Public over German Copyright Law

Next up today, Gerrit Wiesmann at the Financial Times reports that Google is calling upon its users to help it fight “ancillary copyright legislation” in Germany, that may force the search giant to seek permission and even pay royalties for the privilege of using content indexed on the Web, especially content posted by newspapers. The move comes shortly after grassroots outcries put an end to the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) and less than a year after the SOPA/PIPA protests in the US. Google is encouraging its users to contact their local politicians and vote against the bill. In the meantime, however, France and Italy are said to be eying similar legislation.

3: UFC Fighter’s Tattoo Artist Sues THQ For Copyright Infringement

Finally today, Dan Seitz at Game Trailers writes that Chris Escobedo, a tattoo artist, is suing video game producer THQ over their inclusion of a tattoo he had designed in the recent game “UFC: Undisputed 3”. Escobedo had previously done a large tattoo on the MMA fighter Carlos Condit, who appeared in the game with the tattoo prominently featured. Escobedo is suing THQ for infringement and is seeking damages, saying he would not have approved the use of the work if he had been approached. The case is somewhat similar to an earlier tattoo battle involving the boxer Mike Tyson, who appeared in the movie “The Hnagover 2”, which saw a copy of the tattoo being placed on another character’s face, prompting his artist to file suit. That case was settled out of court.


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