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1: Eight NZ Music Pirates in Sights of Tribunal

First off today, Hamish Fletcher of the New Zealand Herald reports that eight New Zealanders are facing possible sanctions by the nation’s copyright tribunal. The last step in the nation’s “three strikes” system, the tribunal hands out penalties to those suspected of piracy that have ignored two warnings. Of the eight people that are being brought before the tribunal, only one has opted to have the case heard in person, the others will be heard through paper pleadings. The tribunal has the power to order ISPs to cut off access to repeat infringers or fine the offender up to $15,000 ($12,300 US).

2: Finally: BitTorrent Piracy Evidence to be Tested in Court

Next up today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that a Pennsylvania judge has ordered a Bellwether trial to test legal theories that surround the mass Bittorrent piracy lawsuits. The case involved the pornography studio Malibu Media, which sued a large number of suspected file sharers as “John Doe” defendants. However, many of the defendants submitted protests to the judge asking that their identities not be revealed. The judge has selected five of those defendants and ordered a trial to determine if the evidence against them is strong enough and, as is typical in Bellwether cases, address the theories both sides present and apply any rulings to other, similar cases. This will be the first time the evidence collected as part of the mass Bittorrent investigations is put to test in a trial and could set the tone for future mass piracy lawsuits.

3: Psy’s Concert Called Out for Plagiarism by Go Hee Jung + Kim Jang Hoon’s Depressing Me2day Posts Were Directed Towards Psy?

Finally today, Carolicity at AllKPop writes that Psy, the famous Korean musician behind the popular “Gangnam Style” video has been accused of plagiarism and copyright infringement for a recent free concert he performed. Go Hee Jung, an artist, said that Psy’s “The Drenched Show” concert matched up by 95% to a previous joint show he did with Kim Jang Hoon. Jung claims to have identified some 100 similarities between the two shows, though it is unclear if any of the elements are copyrightable. Nonetheless, Jung has filed a case against Psy and others involved with the concert to the Korea Copyright Commission.


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