3 Count: Not Expendable

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1: Sylvester Stallone Defeats Lawsuit Claiming ‘The Expendables’ Was Ripped Off

First off today, Eriq Gardner of The Hollywood Reporter writes that the lawsuit filed against Sylvester Stallone and his co-writer David Callaham over the movie The Expendables has been tossed. The suit was filed by screenwriter Marcus Webb, who alleged that Stallone had plagiarized his earlier work and was seeking both unspecified damages and an injunction against the upcoming sequel. However, Callaham noted that he had written drafts of his script before Webb’s began circulating and there was no evidence either man had seen Webb’s script, prompting to the judge to dismiss the case at a summary judgment.

2: Jessie J Facing Copyright Infringement Lawsuit over Domino

Next up today, Sean Michaels at The Guardian reports that singer Jessie J has been sued for copyright infringement by Will Loomis. According to Loomis, the verses from Jessie J’s hit song “Domino” are substantially similar to “Bright Red Chords”, a 2009 song he released with Loomis and the Lusts. Loomis points to a YouTube video he uploaded that puts the two songs side-by-side, which aims to showcase how similar he feels they are. Jessie J has not responded to the lawsuit.

3: Anonymous Linked to Japan’s Government Websites Attacks

Finally today, BBC News reports that the group Anonymous has taken credit for a series of attacks that have taken several Japanese sites offline. The attacks follow new legislation passed in the country that imposes criminal penalties for downloading copyright infringing materials. Anonymous has also taken similar action in India, China and other nations that have been active in issuing copyright rulings and creating new copyright legislation that the group does not agree with.


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