Interview: What Researchers and Journals Can do to Prevent Self-Plagiarism

Ithenticate LogoLast week, I sat down with Jason Chu of iThenticate to disucss the issue of self-plagiarism and how it affects academics, especially those who are submitting articles to journals for publication.

Needless to say, it is a very thorny issue and one that doesn’t have any particularly great answers, especially considering that every journal, school, office and publication has different rules on what is and is not acceptable in this area. In fact, many don’t believe that self-plagiarism exists at all.

However, the two of us try to make the best of it as we come to at least some conclusions. You can watch the video below or you can read the full transcript of the interview on iThenticate’s site.

I want to take a moment to thank Jason Chu for both being such a great host and for putting up with several technical frustrations that hindered getting the interview done (and probably more than frazzled both of us).

The full interview is embedded below.

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