3 Count: Patently Uninfringing

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1: Oracle Loses In Patent Case Against Google

First off today, the Associated Press reports that, in the patent phase of their ongoing trial, Google has scored a major victory with the jury saying that the search giant did not violate any of Oracle’s patents when creating their version of JAVA for the Android mobile operating system. The lawsuit, which began after Oracle sued Google claiming that the Android version of JAVA violated their patents and copyrights, was broken into two parts with the jury returning an inconclusive verdict in the copyright portion and no vindicating Google in the patent portion. The third portion, the damages phase, has been cancelled pending Google’s motion for a mistrial on the copyright phase.

2: Web Host Loopia Pulls Parody Site Offline After Copyright Infringment Complaints

Next up today, Nicole Henderson at the Web Host Industry Review writes that the Swedish host Loopia has pulled down a Greenpeace-created parody site following a claim of copyright infringement. The site, which was entitled Neste Spoil, was a parody of the Neste Oil, a company that Greenpeace is criticizing for allegedly bad environmental practices. Greenpeace has since moved the content from that site to their main site though the domain remains down.

3: Amazon Bans Kindle Store Spam (Finally)

Finally today, Amazon, after months of criticism regarding the quality of user-uploaded titles in its Kindle store, has released a new policy that it hopes will address some of the “Kindle spam” issues. The new policy will forbid users to upload and sell content that is freely available but not owned by them. This includes public domain works, such as “Alice in Wonderland” and also private label rights content, where one party sells the rights to others for resale. Many, however, are wondering how strictly Amazon will enforce this policy as enforcement of existing rules has been an issue in the past.


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