3 Count: Openly Wifi

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1: Oracle Trial Will Continue Into Damages Phase

First off today, Sam Varghese at ITWire writes that the judge in the Google/Oracle case has ruled that the trial will enter into the third phase, the damages phase, after the patent portion is complete. Oracle had asked the judge to postpone the final phase until after a retrial on the copyright claims had been held but that request was denied. The case began when Oracle sued Google claiming that the search giant had infringed their copyrights and patents when they developed their version of JAVA for the Android mobile operating system. The judge split the trial into two parts, one for the copyright issues and one for the patent issues, but, while the jury was able to rule Google had infringed on Oracle’s work, it was deadlocked on the issue of fair use. Closing arguments in the patent portion are scheduled to begin today.

2: Pirate Bay Founder Takes Case to European Court

Next up today, The Local reports that Pirate Bay founder Fredrik Neij will be appealing his recent criminal conviction to the European Court of Human rights. Neij, along with three others involved in The Pirate Bay, were convicted in Sweden and lost a later appeal. However, when the four appealed the Sweden’s highest court, the court refused to hear the case. At least one other defendant, Peter Sunde, is asking for a pardon due to health and work reasons but Neij has opted to appeal to the EU court in hopes of having his conviction overturned.

3: Open WiFi Owner Not Liable For Illegal File-Sharing, Court Rules

Finally today, Enigmax at Torrentfreak writes that, in Finland, a District Court has ruled that merely having an open wifi does not mean that you are liable for copyright infringement that takes place through it. The case centered around a woman who was identified after her connection was determined to have downloaded content illegally online. However, the time the download occurred coincided with an event at her place with some 100 guests. The court ruled that merely having an open wifi does not make you liable for infringement others do through it and that there was no evidence that the defendant was directly involved.


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