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1: Google Files for New Trial on Copyright Claims in Android Suit

First off today, Chris Kanaracus at Computerworld writes that Google has moved for a new trial on the copyright claims in its long-running dispute with Oracle. The dispute began in 2010 when Oracle sued Google claiming that the search giant infringed their copyrights and patents when developing the version of JAVA for the Android mobile operating system. The judge broke apart the trial into copyright and patent portions and the jury was unable to reach a complete verdict in the copyright portions, returning a partial one finding that Google had infringed but was deadlocked on the issue of fair use. This, in turn, prompted Google to ask the court to declare a mistrial, raising the possibility of a second trial on the copyright issues later. Oracle is asking the judge to rule rule on the fair use question (along with other issues at play) rather than repeat the trial.

2: Beastie Boys Sued Over Alleged Copyright Infringement

Next up today, the rap group Beastie Boys have been sued for copyright infringement by the label representing the group Trouble Funk. According to Trouble Funk, Beastie Boys illegally sampled their tracks Drop the Bomb and Say What repeatedly in the 80s without permission. The sampling is widely acknowledged and, allegedly, Beastie Boys did attempt to get a license for the sampling. However, what’s most notable about the suit is it’s timing, was it was filed just one day before one of the Beastie Boys’ members, Adam Yauch, known as MCA, died from cancer.

3: Heirs of Pepsi Formula Inventor Sue Company Over Right to Disclose Formula to Public

Finally today, heirs to the man who helped create the modern formula for Pepsi are suing their father’s former company claiming that it is interfering with plans to publish many of the documents and details of his life during that time. The daughter and son of Richard Ritchie are claiming that Pepsi has harassed them over plans to sell the rights to their father’s life story, including when Ritchie, in the 1930s, improved the taste of Pepsi and created the modern formula. The two are seeking a declaratory judgment that the publication of the documents does not violate and copyright or trade secret laws and damages for the harassment and interference to date.


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