Jonathan Bailey on Internet Voices Radio

Last week was a bit of a difficult one for my voice. A sore throat sidelined me from doing my videos and from doing the podcast but over the weekend I was able to do an hour-long radio interview that dealt with online authors and the issues they have to deal with when it comes to content theft and piracy online.

Broadcast on Internet Voices Radio, the chat was hosted by author Rowena Cherry and it featured myself and another author, Candace Sams. We talked about how to find your content online, what to do when you find infringement and the impact piracy has on smaller content creators.

If you’re interested in the issues of piracy and copyright infringement, it was a great talk. There were some technical difficulties and I had to use my phone rather than my podcasting setup, but hopefully I can still be easily understood.

I would love to thank both Rowena and Candace for the talk and I had a great time spending the hour with them!

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