3 Count: Struck Out

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1: Key Developments in Oracle Corp.’s Patent and Copyright-Infringement Case Against Google Inc.

First off today, the Associated Press reports that the Google/Oracle trial is currently in its third day though the first two days were not particularly eventful. The case centers around Google’s implementation of JAVA in its Android operating system, which Oracle says violates both copyrights and patents in the language that it owns. However, after opening arguments on the first day, on the second day Oracle CEO Larry Ellison took the stand and admitted that Oracle wanted to compete with Google before suing. Google CEO Larry Page took the stand as well. The trial is expected to last eight weeks.

2: Music Downloader Given Final Enforcement Notice

Next up today, the New Zealand Herald is reporting that a Telstra Clear has received their third and final notice under the country’s controversial “three strikes” system that was implemented in September, making him or her the first to do so. Under the system, suspected pirates are warned twice after being identified by copyright holders as engaging in copyright infringement. After the third notice, they could be brought before the Copyright Tribunal where they could face up to $15,000 in fines. The customer has until Thursday to dispute the allegation.

3: Ubisoft Sued Over Alleged Infringement of Assassin’s Creed Storyline

Finally today, Mike Rose at Gamasutra reports that video game maker Ubisoft and the website Gametrailers alleging that the video game Assassin’s Creed, which is made by Ubisoft, borrows heavily from a novel he wrote. According to the author, John Beiswenger, he wrote the novel “Link” in 2002 that contains many elements similar to the Assassin’s Creed series, including a lab that allows individuals to relive memories from their ancestors. Beiswenger is seeking $5.25 million in damages.


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