3 Count: Pillow Fight

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1: Russia Moves To Hold ISPs Responsible For Illegal File-Sharing

First off today, Enigmax at Torrentfreak writes that, in Russia, the government is looking to crack down on ISPs whose networks are used to share files illegally. According to a report, the Interior Ministry’s cyber crime department is doing a nationwide audit of ISPs and that the results should be available either later this month or in May. ISPs, however, said they were unaware of any such investigation and it is unclear what penalties might be levied against them if they are targeted after the audit.

2: A UK Campaign Aims to Increase Design Copyright Protection

Next up today, Reena Jana at SmartPlanet writes that, in the UK, designers (fashion and otherwise) are campaigning for greater protection for their craft under copyright law. The campaign is being launched by the magazine ELLE Decoration UK, which is asking the government to extend the same protection over designs that it currently does over other creative works, such as literature, music, art, etc. Designers, currently, can obtain design patents for 25 years but aren’t eligible for the longer protection of other copyright holders. Similar campaigns are already underway in the U.S.

3: Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Filed Over Quilts and Pillows

Finally today, Michelle Keahey at the SouthEast Texas Record repors that author Renee Baker has filed suit against a variety of pillow and blanket manufacturers over alleged copyright violations of a poem she wrote. According to the suit, Baker wrote the poem “Families Are Like Quilts” in 1989 but K&K Interiors Inc. and Stein Mart Inc., among others, used the poem on quilts, pillows and other items they sold. Baker had filed a similar suit in 2010 against several crafters but that suit was voluntarily dismissed. Baker is seeking both a jury trial and the maximum damages under the law.


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