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1: Oracle Seeks New Trial in Suit Against SAP, According to Court Filing

First off today, Oracle, which is suing competitor SAP over alleged infringement by SAP’s TomorrowNow division, is now seeking a new trial rather than taking the reduced damages of $272 million from the first trial. In that first trial, the jury awarded Oracle $1.3 billion in damages, the largest award in a copyright lawsuit, but the judge quickly reduced the damages by over $1 billion citing a lack of evidence. Rather than accepting the reduced judgment, Oracle is now seeking a second trial and what it calls “clarification” on the law. SAP has admitted to the infringement but disputes the amount of damages it owes.

2: Central Europe Backs Out of Copyright Deal After Protests

Next up today, three central European countries have announced that they are putting ratification of the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) on hold. Those countries include Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, all of which saw anti-ACTA protests following its signing a few weeks ago. The treaty, which is an attempt to harmonize copyright, trademark and patent enforcement across all countries, was signed by most of the EU though some countries are delaying ratification due to public outcry against the treaty.

3: Judge Denies Initial Effort To Shut Down 'Used' Digital Music Seller ReDigi

Finally today, ReDigi, a startup that sells “used” digital tracks has won an early round in its case against Capitol Records, which sued the company for copyright infringement. However, the judge in the case, in denying Capitol Records’ earliest attempts at an injunction against ReDigi, has decided that there is a great deal at stake with this case and is wanting to hear more arguments before making any decisions. The judge had previously blocked Google’s attempts to file briefs in the case but may have taken some of the issues raised by Google to heart. The case now moves forward, possibly to a full trial.


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