3 Count: Dark Spiderman

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1: Pow! Ousted ‘Spidey’ Director Files Copyright Lawsuit

First off today, Julie Taymor, the former director of the large-budget Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” is suing the producers of the play, Michael Cohl and Jeremiah Harris, claiming that they owe her royalties for all performances since the show’s overhaul in April. According to Taymor, she was a co-author of the much of the dialogue and stage directions used in the show, even after the revamp. Cohl and Harris have said that they have tried to work this issue out with Taymor and that the production “has indeed compensated Ms. Taymor for her contribution….”

2: China Deletes 400,000 Weblinks for Copyright Violation

According to the Copyright Protection Center of China, the Chinese government has deleted some 400,000 copyright infringing links since June 2010. The links include audio and video links found via China’s “round-the-clock monitoring service”. China notifies copyright holders via mail when they find and remove their content from infringing sites and claims to have sent some 2,400 such letters to date.

3: Illusionist Fined for Copyright Infringement After Dutch Court Hears How Trick Really Works

Finally today, magician Hans Klok has been by a Dutch court ordered to pay €12,205 ($16,725) to his former sidekick Van Herck. The suit is over a magic trick in which Klok wrestles with an uncooperative butler before seemingly reaching through his body to grab a glass of water. Herck had said he developed the trick but Klok argued that the trick was not unique, noting other magicians had done it. However, the court felt Herck’s interpretation was original and ordered Klok to pay. Klok has said he will revise his act after the ruling.


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