Limited Posting Through Halloween

Jack o Lantern ImageRegular readers of this site know that it’s something of a tradition for me to slow down posting during the month of October as I prepare my charity haunted house for opening Halloween weekend. However, this year I’ve done “Creepy Copyright” mondays in October, which has included posts about Zombies, Vampires and, most recently, Frankenstein’s monster.

Though I’ve kept up regular posting all month, I’ve reached the point where it’s definitely crunch time and I can’t maintain both the posting schedule here, client work and haunt preparations. There’s a lot to do before Friday night and I need to spend less time on a keyboard and more time with a paintbrush.

So, starting tomorrow, I’ll be largely taking off from normal PT duties. I’ll still be doing the live recording of the Copyright 2.0 Show at 5 PM ET tomorrow and posting it Friday, but there will be no 3 Count columns and no regular posts until Monday, when I’ll have my final “Creepy Copyright” segment, this one focusing on great public domain horror movies to check out on Halloween night.

Everything should return to normal come Tuesday, November 1st though I may decide to recover that day and just come back on the 2nd.

In the meantime, enjoy a brief respite from Plagiarism Today and enjoy your Halloween!

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