3 Count: Cozy Friday

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1: U.S. Copyright Czar Cozied Up to Content Industry, E-Mails Show

First off today, a Freedom of Information Act request by researcher Christopher Soghoian has unveiled that administration representatives, including the current Copyright Czar, Victoria Espinel, worked in tandem with both the entertainment industries and ISPs to broker the recent “six strikes” deal. That deal has ISPs volunteering to forward notices and possibly cut access of those accused repeatedly of copyright infringement. The involvement was widely speculated on, but the emails reveal both exactly how close the ties were and how little involvement was seen from public interest groups, such as Public Knowledge, who seem to have been brought into the discussion as an afterthought. The deal, which was struck in July, was an agreement between the nation’s largest IPSs and largest copyright holders and is not binding under law.

2: Govt Considers ‘Streamlined’ Piracy Policy

Next up today, in Australia Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland is calling for a streamlined process for copyright holders to obtain information about potential infringers from their ISPs. McClelland wants to amend the Copyright Act to alter the safe harbor protections so that ISPs have legal motivation to provide the information under a copyright-holder pays system. The system would according to McClelland, would come with judicial oversight and legal safeguards against misuse of information. Submissions for discussion on the proposal are being accepted until November 22nd.

3: Artists Battle Over Credit for Jobs Tribute Logo

Finally today, the dispute over the Apple logo with Steve Jobs silhouette, which became very popular shortly after his death, is starting to get more interesting. At least three designers are reporting to have created the logo and, as reported earlier, one has already filed a registration with the U.S. Copyright Office over it. Though it was originally credited to Jonathan Mak, two others, Chris Thornley and Farzin Adell have also claimed to have created it (the latter being the one who registered it). However, all three seem to acknowledge that it was a likely coincidence the others came up with the same idea and there seems to be no actual animosity.


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