3 Count: Angrier Birds

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1: CommsAlliance Joins iiNet Copyright Case

First off today, the Australian communications trade group Communications Alliance has petitioned the High Court to participate in the iiNet vs. AFACT case. iiNet, a major ISP in Australia, was sued by the Australia Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT), which alleged that the ISP had enabled and encouraged piracy on its network. Lower courts refused to hold iiNet liable but the appeals court laid out a set of rules by which an ISP could, at least in theory. CommsAllicance is hoping that an industry solution to the issue can be in place sometime in early 2012.

2: Former Marin Man Files Copyright for Jobs Image

Next up today, a Los Angeles man named Farzin Adeli has filed a copyright application with the U.S. Copyright Office for an image of Steve Jobs silhouetted in the Apple logo. The image, created in remembrance of Steve Jobs after his death became a viral sensation shortly after it was uploaded to Facebook. However, there are serious questions about the application as it is unclear if Adeli owns or has clearance on the rights to the elements of the images and other artists created similar works at the same time and before. Adeli has also set up an eBay store to sell items with the image, wich all of the profits going to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

3: China’s Angry Birds Tablet is 7 Inches of Copyright-Infringing Fun

Finally today, Shenzen Technology Company, a Chinese manufacturer, has released a seemingly-unlicensed Angry Birds Tablet. The 7-inch tablet not only features the Angry Birds imagery on the box but also includes all, or nearly all, of the existing Angry Birds games, including many knock-offs. Roxio, the makers of Angry Birds, have not released a statement about the tablet though it seems unlikely the company authorized its creation.


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