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1: Ditching DRM Could Reduce Piracy, Prices, Inconvenience

First off today, a recent paper out of Duke and Rice Universities says that removing DRM from various copyrighted works could reduce piracy and drive down costs. According to the paper, DRM only punishes legitimate customers, driving many to pirate content so they can use their acquired content in the manner they want. The paper appears in the latest issue of Marketing Science.

2: Righthaven Asks Appeals Court to Block Dismantling of the Company

Next up today, Righthaven, the company famous for filing no-warning lawsuits against bloggers and forum admins allegedly reposting content from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Denver Post, is facing yet another major problem. Previously ordered to pay approximately $34,000 in legal fees to a defendant that beat them, Righthaven had been instructed to post a bond in that amount but has been unable to procure such a bond and is now asking the court to stay the decision pending their appeal. Otherwise, according to Righthaven, that amount could bankrupt the company.

3: Beyoncé Accused of ‘Stealing’ Dance Moves in New Video

Finally today, singer Beyoncé’s new music video for her song “Countdown” is causing a plagiarism stir, but not over the music. According to Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, many of Beyoncé’s dance moves were plagiarized from her routines. A video showing the similarities side-by-side has emerged and Keersmaeker has hinted that she may sue over the alleged plagiarism. The video’s co-director, Adria Petty, has talked previously about showing videos of European contemporary dance as inspiration for the routines in the video.


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