3 Count: Expendable

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1: Expendables Producers Drop Lawsuit Against 23K BitTorrent File-sharers

First off today, the U.S. Copryight Group, representing the producers behind the movie “The Expendables” have dropped their suit against 23,000 alleged Bittorrent file sharers. The movie comes after the Washington DC Federal Judge said the group would not be able to pursue infringers with that lawsuit if they are not in the court’s jurisdiction, theoretically eliminating all but 84 of the cases. However, the suit was dropped without prejudice leaving the U.S. Copyright Group open to refile.

2: Lakewood Church, Osteens Sued For $3M

Next up today, Houston-based Lakewood Church is being sued by two musicians, Richard Cupolo and John Emanuelle claiming that the church used a song created by the pair was used in commercials for the church after their license expired in February 2011. The church has said that the music, which was one minute of background music for the commercial, was licensed and that the musicians are “confused”.

3: Copyright Piracy Increasing in Asian Countries

Finally today, despite all the talk about Web-based piracy, printed book piracy is a growing problem in Asia where illegal copies of many bestsellers are printed in India and shipped throughout the continent. The illegal operations are controlled by highly organized gangs, often working alongside legitimate printing companies and are able to print and distribute between 75-80 western bestsellers a year.


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