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1: BT Ordered to Block Links to Newzbin 2 Website

First off today, a court has ordered the UK ISP BT to block access to the site Newzbin2 using their “CleanFeed” technology, which is primarily aimed at blocking access to child exploitation sites. The ISP was sued by the Motion Picture Association, which sought the blocking, has said it does not plan to appeal the verdict and both sides will return to court in October to determine how the blocking will work. Many are worried that this ruling sets a dangerous precedent and that the technology can not handle the load that will be put on it.

2: Driver: San Francisco on PC Marks Return of Always-On DRM

Next up today, video game publisher Ubisoft is back in the news for its DRM practices. A recent announcement from the company states that its upcoming release “Driver: San Francisco” will require an always-on Internet connection, even when being played in single player mode. This move follows other Ubisoft games such as “Assassin’s Creed 2” and “Splinter Cell: Conviction” that had similar requirements but were patched away after fans of the games complained and technical issues surfaced. The change was announced on the game’s official Twitter account.

3: RWC Statue at Center of Copyright Dispute

Finally today, a statue of New Zealand Rugby star Michael Jones has found itself at the heart of a copyright dispute after sculptor Richard Wells says he was denied money and co-authorship in the work that he was promised. However, the credited artist, Natalie Stamilla, says that Wells was hired solely to do “grunt work” and that his artistic input was minimal. Wells has been dropped from the project, which will create a 1.5x size statue of Jones for Eden Park, but has said he will not give up in his fight for attribution.


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