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Well, we chose a pretty rotten time to take a week off. It never fails, you take a week away and, when you come back, the Web has gone crazy with a bunch of major copyright stories that you weren’t there to cover.

Not only do we have news of a new “six strikes” system being implemented in the U.S. but we also have the launch of Spotify in the country as well as Netflix creating a controversy by raising their prices.

And that, as it turns out, is just the beginning. We have camera-stealing monkeys and the copyright questions they raise as well as Google giving Belgian newspapers what they want, or at least what they thought they wanted.

All in all, this is an episode that you don’t want to miss!

Note: There were some audio issues on my end caused by a new setup. Will be straightening them out for the next recording.

This week’s stories include:

  • ISPs, Copyright Holders, Agree on “Six Strikes” System for the U.S.
  • Spotify Makes It’s U.S. Debut
  • Baidu Announces a Legal Streaming Service of Its Own for China
  • Netflix Riles Its Customers with a Price Hike
  • Indie Labels Sue LimeWire
  • Much, Much More!

You can download the MP3 file here (direct download). Those interested in subscribing to the show can do so via this feed.

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