3 Count: Rubber and Glue

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1: Vostu Turns Table on Zynga With Game Copying Allegations

First off today, the Brazilian gaming company Vostu has hit back against Zynga claiming that Zynga has no right to sue them over allegedly copying their games because the elements Zynga is accusing Vostu of copying aren’t original to Zynga. Vostu also says that, even as late as January of this year, Zynga had no issue with Vostu’s alleged copying and even expressed interest in buying the company. Zynga has denied the allegations and said that there is a difference between any copying they have done and what they accuse Vostu of doing.

2: Music Piracy Row Escalates Between Label and Magazine

Next up today, London record label Ninja Tunes have accused the German music magazine Backspin of having leaked a promo copy of a promo CD sent to them for review. According to the label, the CD was watermarked to identify who it was sent to and, when the album was leaked online they were able to trace it back to that copy. Backspin, however, said the album was leaked before they even got the CD, a fact that Torrentfreak was not able to confirm. Ninja Tunes has said they will not be sending any more promo CDs to the magazine.

3: Euro Beaks to Rule if TVCatchup.com is Legal

Finally today, the UK High Court has asked the European Court to rule on whether or not TVCatchup, a streaming site that rebroadcasts live TV, is a legal service. The UK court had previously ruled that it was an infringement as, under British law, communicating a copyrighted work to the public is an infringement. However, the court wants to know if that is also a violation under EU law. According to TVCatchup, their service is legal as they don’t control how their equipment is used and only give the means to access the broadcasts.


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