Plagiarism Today Featured in Gambit Weekly

Logo for the Gambit WeeklyThough myself and Plagiarism Today has been featured in a variety of newspapers, TV shows and radio programs across the world, one thing that has never happened is that I’ve never been featured by any publications in my local city of New Orleans.

However, today that changes as myself and CopyByte were featured in a recent article in the Gambit Weekly, a local free weekly newspaper that is well-known for its “Best of New Orleans” series as well as doing an increasing amount of investigative journalism.

The article deals with a case of suspected plagiarism from Jim Brown, a former state insurance commissioner who writes a syndicated column in which the reporter has found many suspicious passages. I reviewed some of those passages and offered input into the case for the article.

All in all, the case is an interesting one and now that I’m able to review the full picture a bit better it’s a good case study for other journalists and authors about the state of plagiarism in traditional journalism.

This is definitely a story that anyone who is interesting in plagiarism should be looking at regardless.

(Note: I’ve already emailed the author to submit a correction for the name of the business being “CopyByte” and not “Copybytes”.)

In the end, I want to thank author Kevin Allman for reaching out to me and including me in the column as well as the Gambit Weekly for addressing the issue.

If anyone else is wishing to contact me for a news story or other interview, please feel free to either reach out to me via my contact form or via my press page.

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