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1: Google: Belgian Papers to Appear in Searches Again

First off today, a consortium of Belgian newspapers, which Google had dropped from its main index, will reappear in Google searches following legal assurances that they will not sue. The newspapers had previously sued Google for copyright infringement over its Google News product and a Belgian court issued an order forcing Google to drop the papers. Google claimed the order did not discriminate between Google News and its main index, forcing them to drop the papers, something the papers said was not the case. Regardless, the two sides have struck a deal and now the news sites will reappear in Google’s main index and have already begun to show up again.

2: Indie Labels Sue LimeWire Over Failed Copyright Deal

Next up today, Merlin, a collection of independent labels, has filed a lawsuit against the now-defunct LimeWire service claiming that the company went back on a previous agreement and failed to offer them a settlement similar to the one they offered the major labels. According to the suit, when Merlin filed a cease and desist notice in 2008, they held off on suing because LimeWire said they had struck a deal with the other labels and would offer them a similar set of terms. However, Merlin came to collect on that deal, LimeWire did not pay up. Merlin is seeking some $5 million in damages plus costs in the suit.

3: Church of God Sues Sony Pictures and Comcast for Copyright Infringement

Finally today, Sony and Comcast are being sued by the Church of God over their new religious comedy “Salvation Boulevard”. In the movie, a pastor takes a church and grows it into an international empire and the church in the movie uses a logo similar to the Church of God’s famous logo, which is what sparked the lawsuit. The Church of God is suing for copyright and trademark infringement over the film’s use of the similar logo and is seeking both damages and to stop the film’s distribution.


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