3 Count: Belgian Waffle

3 Count: Belgian Waffle Image

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1: French Copyright Cops: We’re Swamped with “Three Strikes” Complaints

First off today, Hadopi, the organization overseeing France’s “three strikes” system released statistics of their efforts so far and it seems the majority of requests they’ve received have not been passed on. The group has received some 18 million copyright complaints against Internet users in the country and, of those has, forwarded fewer than 1 million onto ISPs. Of those they’ve forwarded, they’ve sent out some 470,000 initial warnings and, of those, some 2,000 are on their “second strike” and another 10 or so have received their third and may face repercussions, including possible disconnection. Hadopi said the reason for the slow output is first technical, due to their use of a prototype system due to be replaced at the end of the year, and philosophical, not wanting to punish people blind and instead give users time to adjust.

2: Lady Gaga’s YouTube Restored After Copyright Issues

Next up today, Lada Gaga, whose YouTube account was shuttered following a copyright complaint from a Japanese TV network, has had her account restored. The account, where she posts many of her official videos, was closed due to what YouTube called repeated and/or severe copyright complaints. How the account was restored is unclear as neither Gaga nor her representatives answered questions on the matter.

3: Belgian Newspapers: Google Blocking Us on Searches

Finally today, Belgian newspapers are claiming that Google has blacklisted them from Google following a recent lawsuit which saw the papers win in a Belgian Court against Google over their Google News product. According to Google, they were forced to block the sites as the court order offers stiff penalties to Google for continuing to display the newspapers’ content and doesn’t distinguish between Google and Google News. The newspapers, however, rebuke Google’s interpretation saying that the order only applies to Google News.


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