3 Count: Spotty Record

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1: Here’s Spotify! The Music Streaming Service Officially Lands In The US

First off today, the Europe’s popular music streaming service Spotify has arrived in the United States and is currently accepting registrations. Spotify, best known for providing free, legal streaming of almost any music track, has struggled to sign the needed licenses in the U.S., causing the launch here to come years after its launch in Europe. In the U.S., Spotify is offering a free account, though it will be limited to 10 hours of music per month and will display ads. However, getting such an account may be tricky as it is invite-only and those invites seem to be scarce. However, those who want to to use paid accounts, which add additional features and unlimited listening, can sign up now.

2: Lady Gaga’s YouTube page suspended: Who’s to blame?

Next up today, Lady Gaga’s official YouTube account has been shut down due to alleged copyright violations. According to reports, the closure actually stems from a recent complaint by a Japanese television network, which recently had the artist perform on one of their shows. Gaga, or someone who works for her, posted a video of that performance drawing a takedown and eventually the closure. There is no word if Lady Gaga plans to petition to have her account restored.

3: Righthaven Learning it Can’t Change the Facts After it Sues

Finally today, Righthaven, the company that has filed suits against those it accuses of reusing content from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Denver Post, had one of its cases tossed. At issue was its agreement with the Review-Journal, which gave the group only the right to sue, not an exclusive license to the work, which is needed to sue. Righthaven amended its deal with the paper in an attempt to fix the problem and tried in various lawsuits, including with Dean Mostofi, to amend its complaint to use the new agreement. However, the judge has disallowed that and has tossed the case against Mostofi’s. Unfortunately for Mostofi, Righthaven waited just a few hours before filing a new lawsuit on the same charge, one that is using the new agreement from the beginning.


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