3 Count: Cherry Bomb

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1: Aussie Anti-Piracy Group Backflips On 3 Strikes Backflip

First off today, after reports last week that MIPI, an Australian group that represents the record labels, had backed away from their support for Internet disconnections for suspected pirates, it appears the labels are backtracking on their backtrack. On a press release that slams the “misleading media reports” claiming that the group had backed away from support for graduated response systems. However, the press release itself seems to have created some confusion due to vague wording. The reporter of the original article is standing by their story, saying the quote that caused the uproar was accurate.

2: John Steinbeck Heirs Lose Bid for Supreme Court to Hear Copyright Dispute

Next up today, the heirs of John Steinbeck have lost their bid to have the Supreme Court review their case, which means the rights to Steinbeck’s works, which include “Tortilla Flat,” “Of Mice and Men” and “The Grapes of Wrath” will remain with their publisher. The heirs had sought to use the copyright termination clause to recover the copyright in the books, but the publishers contended that Steineck’s wife had renewed the agreements in the 90s, eliminating the possibility of a copyright termination. The remaining heirs, however, argued that she did not have the right to do so and the renewal was invalid, something the lower courts have disagreed with.

3: Joan Jett, Cherie Currie Sue to Stop a Runaways Tribute Album

Finally today, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, two of the members of the all-girl 70s punk band the Runaways, are suing the makers of a tribute album to block its release. The album, which features Runaways songs by contemporary bands, isn’t drawing fire so much for copyright, mechanical royalties make covers legal and easy-to-license, but instead for publicity issues. According to Jett and Currie, the album is using their name to promote itself and are suing to prevent its release later this month.


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