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1: Copyright Advocates Slam ISPs for Not Stopping Piracy

First off today, representatives at the World Copyright Summit in Brussels, Belgium lashed out at ISPs accusing them of not doing enough to police user behavior and prevent rampant copyright infringement online. Robin Gibb, the singer of the BeeGees, was particularly strong worded saying that copyright was under “attack” and that authors need to “receive what is properly due to them”. Other representatives, however, raised the issue of legal alternatives saying the copyright industries are not doing enough to make their works available legally.

2: ‘Hangover II’ Tattoo Lawsuit: Warner Bros. Will Alter DVDs If Case Doesn’t Settle Soon

Next up today, Warner Brothers has said they will alter the tattoo on Ed Helms’ face in the movie “Hangover 2” if the copyright dispute between them and the Missouri tattoo artist who designed a similar tattoo for Mike Tyson is not settled before the DVD release. In an opposition filing to the plaintiff’s request for an expedited trial, Warner said that it plans to digitally alter the image, thus eliminating any further damages. The judge agreed with Warner and tentatively set a jury trial for early 2012, rather than the desired August.

3: WPP Blacklists More Than 2,000 US Websites

Finally today, WPP, an advertising group that buys advertising space on behalf of advertisers such as Ford, Unilever, AT&T and IBM, has announced they are blacklisting some 2,000 US Websites that promote piracy. Through GroupM, their media buying arm, they spend about $3.5 billion on buying ad space but have announced they will not be doing business with the sites because they are “serious about combating piracy and protecting our clients’ intellectual property as forcefully as we possibly can.” This list will be updated as suspected pirate sites change domains and new ones are set up.


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