3 Count: iCloud 9

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1: Why Copyright Holders Love iTunes Match And Pirates Hate It

First off today, more feedback and discussion about Apple’s new iCloud service, in particular its Music Match feature, has been coming in. iCloud, which wirelessly syncs your music across all devices connected to your iTunes account, works with Music Match, which scans your library of songs, including those taken from other sources (legal and illegal) and replaces them with high-resolution legal copies from iTunes that can be synced using iCloud. Copyright holders, who signed deals with Apple to make the service happen, are happy about the new offering as they will be receiving a portion of the $25 per year subscription. However, some pirates, including Peter Sunde of The Pirate Bay fame, are concerned about locking in one’s music to a single platform and the possibility of Apple removing infringing songs without warning.

2: Feds Seize New Domain, Add To “Batshit” Conspiracy Theories

Next up today, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) seized the domain of a longtime anti-vaccine activist claiming copyright infringement, a move that has stirred conspiracy theories. According to the owner of the domain, the reason for the seizure was because his domain was hacked and filled with some 70 GB of pirated material as well as links to other illegal content. According to the domain owner, this is a ploy to destroy him, his message and his site, which he has already reopened at a different domain. ICE has not commented on the seizure.

3: Kino.to Raided In Massive Police Operation, Admins Arrested

Finally today, the popular movie streaming site Kino.to has been shut down following the arrest of some 13 people in four different countries. The site hosted no illegal content directly but streamed content uploaded elsewhere, including many popular movies. Though the site was primarily popular with German-speaking countries, it earned a place on the MPAA “notorious markets” list and had been the subject of an injunction in Austria. Police are still hunting for a 14th person suspected of operating the site.


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