3 Count: Lose Yourself

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1: Eminem Sues Audi Over Ad’s Use of “Lose Yourself”

First off today, rapper Eminem, through his publisher Eight Mile Style, has filed a cease-and-desist order in Germany against the auto manufacturer Audi, who used his song “Lose Yourself” in a recent commercial. The song was famously in a commercial for Chrysler here in the U.S., in an ad the debuted during the Super Bowl. The publisher has said that they will seek damages in this case. Further filings in this matter are expected.

2: Music and Film Industries Split Over Pirates

Next up today, in Australia the music industry has reversed a previous position calling for suspected pirates to be disconnected from the Web and has instead called for other measures to be taken that don’t include it. The music industry, though its local trade organization MIPI, has broken ranks from the film industry and its trade group, AFACT, which endorses such measures. The move comes after a UN report called the disconnecting of suspected file sharers a violation of human rights and said that laws in other nations would either have to be stricken or amended.

3: Joost de Valk Accuses WPMU DEV of Copyright Infringement, Sends Cease and Desist

Finally today, WordPress developer Joost de Valk has filed a cease and desist letter with James Farmer, the owner of WPMU.org, a WordPress development company, claiming that their WPMU DEV SEO WordPress plugin “copied large chunks of code” from his WordPress SEO plugin. According to the notice, and his blog post on the topic, de Valk does not take issue with the copying itself since his plugin is released under the GPL, but rather the stripping of his copyright headers. MPMU.org responded briefly calling it a “mistake” but after the reply caused controversy of its own the response was pulled down.


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