3 Count: No Deal

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1: Google Has no Agreement Yet to Digitize Books

First off today, Google, along with the Authors Guild and book publishers, have failed to reach a new settlement agreement and have been given seven more weeks to reach a new deal. Back in March the judge in the lawsuit, which stems from Google’s digitization of books for its Google Book Search product, said an agreement between the parties went too far and could not be approved. The parties have been negotiating ever since but as of the most recent update had failed to reach a new agreement. Instead, they said that the issues were “complex” and asked the judge for additional time, which they received. A status update has been scheduled for July 19.

2: ‘Massive’ Copyright Lawsuit Against CNET Shrivels

Next up today, a “massive” copyright lawsuit spearheaded by filmmaker and entrepreneur Alkiviades David has come up a little shorter than was hinted at. The suit accuses CBS, through its subsidiary CNET, of being the main distributor of the LimeWire software, thus enabling the illegal sharing of files. However, when pressed to identify the files, the suit only listed seven. One movie, by David himself, and six songs from rappers also represented in the suit. The suit is widely viewed as a backlash from David, whose company FilmOn was sued by CBS and other TV networks for streaming live TV online without a license. An injunction was granted against FilmOn, ordering them to stop service.

3: Maria Pallante named Register of Copyrights

Finally today, Maria Pallante has been named the Register of Copyrights. Pallante had been named as the interim Register on January 1st after the resignation of Marybeth Peters but will now be taking the role on a permanent basis. Pallante has held many positions at the Copyright Office over the years, including Associate Register for policy and international affairs. She was appointed to the positions by the current Librarian of Congress James Billington.


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