3 Count: First Hurdle

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1: Senate Panel OKs Controversial Antipiracy Bill

First off today the PROTECT IP Act has made it past the Senate Judiciary Committee. The law, which gives the Department of Justice the authority to force search engines, advertisers, payment processors and DNS providers to block access to or stop doing business with suspected pirate sites, sailed through the committee unanimously and is headed for the larger Senate. Critics of the law fear that it could be used to censor the Web and some, including Eric Schmidt of Google, have said that they will fight the bill if passed.

2: Major Vulnerability Found in Leaked Anti-Piracy Software

Next up today, in France, Trident Media Group, a company that was collecting IP addresses for the country’s “three strikes” law and HADOPI, the group that oversees the law, was hacked and had some of its server software leaked. That leak has been turned around as the software is loaded with security holes including bugs that may allow an attacker to take over their server and use it as part of a DDOS attack. HADOPI has already suspended Trident’s involvement with the law pending an investigation into the leak but it seems likely they will not be back online until after making some updates and fixes to their servers.

3: Private Sues High-Traffic Tube Site XHamster.com

Finally today, adult entertainment company Private Media Group has filed a lawsuit against WhoisGuard, a domain name privacy service, to seek the identity of the owner of the site xHamster, a YouTube-style site for sharing pornographic videos. The lawsuit is just the latest in PMGs legal campaign against so-called “tube” sites. The list of other sites sued include SkimTube.com, EskimoTube.com, EmpFlix.com and TnAFlix.com among others. Those cases are ongoing.


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