3 Count: Naked Retreat

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1: European ISPs Could Block Copyright Infringing Material

First off today the European Commission, the governing body of the EU, has released a new Intellectual Property Rights Strategy (IPRS) that will requires ISPs in the bloc to cooperate with copyright holders and, assumedly, help filter out copyright infringing sites. However, the measure is due to be reviewed in the spring of 2012, hinting that there may be changes for it on the horizon.

2: MGA Seeks $339 Million in Damages, Fees From Mattel for Bratz Doll Suit

Next up today, the seesaw battle between MGA, the makers of the Bratz doll line, and Mattel, the makers of Barbie, may be taking another turn. MGA, who after an initial defeat at the district court won on appeal and on retrial, is asking the judge in the case to grant them a total of $339 in damages and attorney fees. The figure includes some $177 million in punitive damages, $129.7 million in attorneys fees, and $32.4 million in costs. Mattel is asking the judge to throw out the (second) jury verdict and is also asking that the attorney fees be stricken as the copyright claims they brought were, according to them, “objectively reasonable”. A hearing on these damages and Mattel’s counter arguments was due to he held today but has been postponed to tomorrow.

3: Nude Nuns Mass BitTorrent Lawsuit Killed, Clone Lives On

Finally today, one of two dueling lawsuits targeting bittorrent file sharers of the move “Nude Nuns with Big Guns” has been dropped. The lawsuit brought by Camelot Distribution Group was dropped however, an identical lawsuit filed by Incentive Capital of Utah is ongoing. Though Camelot did not say why it dropped the suit, there were questions raised about its ownership of the film after Incentive claimed to have received the rights to the movie after foreclosing on a loan it had given Camelot. The Incentive lawsuit is continuing but the company said that they are exploring their options regarding pushing it forward.


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