3 Count: Hurt Record

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1: Hurt Locker Producers Launch Record-Breaking Copyright Lawsuit

First off today, the U.S. Copyright Group has filed a lawsuit against some 24,583 unnamed defendants who allegedly shared the movie “The Hurt Locker” on Bittorrent. The lawsuit is the largest of its kind. The USCG, representing Voltage Pictures, the producers of the movie, is seeking help in identifying the subscribers involved, over 10,000 of which use Comcast. In past cases, the USCG has attempted to settle these lawsuits quickly, usually for around $3,000.

2: Judge Denies Tattoo Artist’s Request to Halt Release of ‘Hangover Part II

Next up today, Warner Bros has won a crucial round in a lawsuit filed by the tattoo artist that designed the famous face tattoo on Mike Tyson. According to the plaintiff, S. Victor Whitmill, a face tattoo in the movie “Hangover 2” was an infringement on his work. Whitmill had sought to block the release of the movie, due this Thursday, but the judge denied that request saying that the hardship on the studio and the other theater owners was simply too great. However, the judge admitted that Whitmill likely can succeed on the merits of his lawsuit and is granting an expedited trial on the issue of liability and possibly granting an injunction that may block DVD sales and other distribution of the movie.

3: ICE Seizes More Domains Today, Admin Says “We’ll Be Back”

Finally today, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has seized another batch of domains as part of its “In our Sites” project. The eight domains, all allegedly related to copyright infringement or counterfeiting, were seized by the government and replaced with the traditional ICE warning screen. However, at least one of the admins involved has already set up shop on another domain and is continuing to operate.


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