3 Count: Sporting Chance

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1: High Court judge upholds Digital Economy Act

First off today, The High Court in the UK tossed aside legal challenges by two of the country’s ISPs seeking to prevent implementation of portions of the Digital Economy Act. The provisions at question would require ISPs to send warning letters and, eventually, disconnect suspected file sharers. The court ruled that the law is in line with existing EU law and tossed aside most of the ISPs challenges. The only upheld challenge was over the issue of cost, with the court saying that ISPs should not bear the cost alone. As such, a cost sharing plan has already been drafted and is awaiting government approval.

2: New York Woman Claims Copyright to Yankees Top Hat Logo

Next up today, a New York woman, Tanit Buday, is suing the New York Yankees claiming that her uncle created the “top hat” logo, which features a top hat perched atop a baseball bat, and that the team’s use of the logo is an infringement. The Yankees deny the infringement, saying they commissioned the work from her uncle in the 1930s. Buday is seeking all profits derived from the logo, which first starting being used in 1936.

3: The Guy Who Composed “da-da-da-da-da-da … Charge!” is Suing Everyone

Finally today, Bobby Kent, the man who claims to have penned the famous “Charge!” theme commonly used in sports stadiums, has filed suit against both ASCAP and all of the major league teams claiming that he was not paid royalties he was owed on the song for the past 30 years. However, Kent may face a significant challenge to his claim as others believe he didn’t write the number at all, instead, his version was based on an earlier work by the USC marching band more than 20 years prior. Kent is trying to get the other composers involved in the suit, which the L.A. Lakers have already settled for $3,000.


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