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1: Belgian ISP Not Obliged to Block File-Sharing Material

First off today, an adviser to the highest tribunal in the EU has ruled that a Belgian court ruling ordering a local ISP to filter out copyright infringing traffic is invalid and violates privacy rights. Though the ruling didn’t eliminate the possibility of all filters, just ones that were not proportionate and effective, the ruling is seen as a major setback for copyright holders which had lobbied for filtering. Though the ruling is non-binding, the EU tribunal usually rules the same as its adviser.

2: Can Doctors Use Copyright Law To Get Rid Of Negative Reviews?

Next, some 3,000 doctors have signed up with a company named Medical Justice that, among its services, offers doctors “libel protection” by having the doctor’s patients sign a contract granting the company copyright in all reviews that they create, which enables the company to file takedown notices over negative and unwanted reviews. Though the company is confident that their system is legal, several sites, including Yelp and RateMD, have refused to honor takedown such notices and legal experts warn of potentially serious consequences for using such a strategy.

3: Kiwi MP Called Out As Pirate After Passing Anti-Piracy Law

Finally today, a New Zealand MP, Melissa Lee, tweeted about getting a K Pop compilation from a friend just hours before giving a speech in support of the country’s latest anti-piracy legislation, which will implement a three strikes regime in the country to disconnect suspected file sharers. However, under New Zealand law, such a compilation is very likely unlawful and may dub Lee herself as an infringer. Lee defended herself saying that the tracks were legally purchased though such a purchase does not, by itself, authorize the making of a compilation disc to hand to someone else.


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