3 Count: A Bad Name

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1: AP and Clothing Company Settle Copyright Dispute

First off today, the Associated Press (AP) has settled its legal dispute with Obey Clothing, which had previously sold clothing with the famous Obama “Hope” poster on them. The poster, which was designed by Shepard Fairey, was based on an AP photo, prompting the AP to sue both Fairey and Obey Clothing. Fairey’s case was settled in January and this one was just settled a few weeks before it was due to go to trial. The settlement is similar in many regards, namely that neither side surrenders their view of the law and agree to collaborate in the future over the poster. Financial terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

2: Bon Jovi Says Steve Jobs Is Killing The Music Business

Next up today, according to an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine, rocker Bon Jovi has said he belives Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple, is responsible for “killing” the music industry. According to Jovi digital distribution has killed much of the tactile experience and mystery of buying and listening to music. For this, Jovi bames Jobs and the iTunes store his company helped founded.

3: Google Copyright Purge Leaves Android Developers Exposed

Finally today, one theory regarding the Google’s Android mobile operating system may create a problem for developers and manufacturers alike. According to Edward J. Naughton, much of Android’s code is based on Linux, which is licensed under the GPL. However, Google alters the code through a proprietary means and then re-releases it under the Apache license, which is slightly more restrictive. However, if Google is wrong and its code is still licensed under the GPL, that could mean developers might be forced to reveal the source code of their apps as they are built upon the code as well. This could, feasibly, lead to lawsuits over GPL non-compliance and create challenges for developers and manufacturers alike.


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