3 Count: Pretty Pictures

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1: Photographer Claims Rihanna Stole Images in Video

First off today, celebrity photographer David LaChapelle has filed a lawsuit against the singer Rihanna as well as others involved with her claiming that her recent music video, entitled “S&M” too closely mirrors photographs he has taken and is well-known for. Specifically, LaChapelle claims that Rihanna “directly derived” much of her video from eight of his images and he is seeking damages over the alleged similarities. Rihanna has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

2: ESA: 54% Of Illegal Game Fileshares Come From Five Watch-List Nations

Next up today, the International Intellectual Property Alliance has filed a report with the U.S. Trade Representative highlighting 5 countries, Italy, Spain, China, Brazil and France, that it says make up some 54 percent of the video game related piracy they studied. Italy took the lead with some 30 million of the 144 million connections studied and the five countries in total accounted for some 78 million connections. The IIPA, of which the Electronic Software Association is a member, is encouraging that these nations, in particular Spain, be made higher priorities for possible trade sanctions in the future over their relaxed intellectual property enforcement.

3: Record Label Teaches Music Fans BitTorrent

Finally today, at a time where most record labels are fighting tooth and nail against Bittorrent sites, Adamant Records is offering instructions on how to use the service to download music from the label. Most prominently, this includes their band Sick of Sarah’s new album Sick 2205, which is being promoted through a partnership with Bittorrent that he company that the label hopes will get the band in front of millions of new listeners. A representative for the label did say that record sales will remain important, but that Bittorrent may drive ticket and merchandise sales.


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