3 Count: Ultra Mega

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1: Megaupload Facing $5 Million Copyright Suit

First off today, porn company Perfect 10 has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Megaupload and its sister sites saying that the company has ignored cease and desist letters from Perfect 10 and continues to share both whole magazines and images from their various properties. The lawsuit, which is for copyright and trademark infringement, is also seeking an injunction against Megaupload that would prevent them from displaying Perfect 10 content.

2: Porn Copyright Troll Drops Suit Against 670 Nervous ‘Does’

Next up today, porn company Mick Haig Productions has dropped its case against some 670 “Doe” defendants it accused of unlawfully sharing their films. This came after the EFF and Public Citizen argued that the plaintiffs should not be able to obtain their subpoenas for the identity of the Does since they had filed the lawsuits together and in a jurisdiction not relevant to most of the defendants. Mick Haig Productions has not indicated if it plans on refiling the case but, the ruling mirrors similar outcomes in other jurisdictions as well.

3: Almost 100,000 US Torrent Users Sued in the Last 12 Months

Finally today, according to statistics compiled from an anonymous source, nearly 100,000 “Does” have been sued by various copyright organizations for sharing files online, mostly via Bittorrent. According to the data, some 99,924 Does were sued in 80 different cases. Of those cases, 68 are still active, impacting 70,914 defendants. Most of these cases are dropped after the plaintiffs get a subpoena for the identities of the defendants, at which point they turn around and send demand letters to them, seeking settlements up to several thousand dollars.


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